Neighborhood Engagement

Purpose Statement:

To collaborate with the people who live and who work in Industry, South Central, and surrounding neighborhoods to build a stronger and more unified community.


The South Central resident garden team does an amazing job proving a beautiful place for neighbors to obtain fresh food and to also engage with one another in neighborhood engagement events such as an Easter Egg hunt and Fall cook-out. The South Central Community Garden is a fully open community garden – meaning that anyone can participate in and harvest from the garden.

The Resident Listening Initiative

From listening to neighbors, Urban Light Community Development will continue or create new initiatives in the three focus areas: The Lighthouse Recovery Home, House Revitalization, and Neighborhood Revitalization. The program is designed to connect neighbors to each other and to their respective neighborhood associations. Ultimately, the program is designed to engage and support natural leaders within the different neighborhoods.

In 2019, 40 neighbors from the Industry, South Central, and Thomas Park Avondale neighborhoods participated in the resident listening initiative. By listening to our neighbors, Urban Light Community Development has been able to partner with Industry neighbors to start a pilot Adopt-A-Lot program where neighbors are given a stipend to care for overgrown, vacant lots.


  • We highly value resident listening
  • Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration
  • We highly value reciprocity with our neighbors
  • The majority of committee representation will be residents

Neighborhood Engagement Committee Makeup

  • Residents of Industry, South Central and Thomas Park Avondale neighborhoods
  • Key Stakeholder: Open Door, Ivy Tech Community College, Skilled Expertise, etc.


Neighborhood Engagement Resident Listening Guide

Resident Listening Tool