One Home, One Life at a Time

Over this past year, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with many wonderful neighbors and community leaders. Our conversations regarding the state of this community have been serious and realistic to the needs we must address together. At the same time, our conversations generate a deep sense of hope as we recognize this community’s spirit of resiliency and strong collaborations. Your partnership with Urban Light CDC is part of that hope!

As a Christian community development corporation in the heart of Muncie, IN, Urban Light CDC strongly believes we must be actively engaged in addressing the addiction crisis. This is one of those realities this community must address together. Hardly a day passes that we’re not reading a news report of another drug-related arrest or overdose. But as the Executive Director of Urban Light CDC; which operates the Urban Lighthouse Recovery and Transitional home for women, I am also equally reminded that recovery is possible! Recovery is truly possible! On the Urban Lighthouse page, please take a minute to read about Sara’s story of hope and recovery!

Lastly, October 1, 2017 was a great day of celebration for Urban Light CDC and our volunteers. We dedicated our 6th housing renovation – which is the permanent home of the Urban Lighthouse program! The dedication of this renovation as the Urban Lighthouse was a beautiful moment as the vision of these programs came together – restoring homes and lives!

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