Transition to Home Ownership

The goal of this program is to provide a safe, reliable & trustworthy credit and financial mentoring program for individuals and/or families that desire to one day own a home.

The¬†program is designed to be a one-on-one experience for participants. Each participant will be matched with a “financial friend” to assist them with financial decision making. “Friends” will meet on an as-needed basis, but no less than once a month. The premise of this program is to evaluate “homebuyer¬†readiness” and to provide assistance in becoming “mortgage ready.” Anyone is welcome to participate.

Materials Needed:

  • Credit Report: Access through free credit report site
  • Monthly budget: income and expenses
  • Goals, as defined by the participant.

Typical Timeline

Month 1

Apply and be matched with a Financial Friend

Months 2-10

Meet monthly with Financial Friend to make clearly defined goals, work toward
accomplishments together, and celebrate each small victory.

Months 16-19

Enroll in PathStone homebuyer education courses. ($50 deposit is required)

Months 18-24

Begin to look for potential homes for purchase (apply for programs like Habitat for
Humanity, PathStone, etc as appropriate) and meet with loan officers at local banks.