What is Urban Light Community Development?

Our Mission

Seeking to develop healthy and thriving neighborhoods, Urban Light Community Development joins with neighbors to enrich our whole community.

Our Vision

Safe, healthy, diverse communities of mutually-supportive neighbors.

Our History

Urban Light Community Development traces its beginnings to a grassroots movement that started in the fall of 2002, when a group of young families moved into the South Central neighborhood of Muncie, Indiana. This neighborhood had been subject to years of disinvestment which resulted in vacant, abandoned homes, a high rate of drug addiction, and a lost sense of community. These families desired to develop permanent homes and to be good neighbors.

Over time, relationships developed into opportunities for social, economic, and spiritual projects within the Muncie South Central neighborhood. Multiple separate, self-sustaining organizations were formed out this grassroots movement including Urban Light Community Development Corporation (CDC), Urban Light Community Church, In and Out Cleaning Services, and Inspire Academy.

Urban Light Community Development Corporation was incorporated in 2010. The organization’s 3-focus areas include: The Lighthouse Recovery Home, Housing Revitalization, and Neighborhood Engagement.

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